TIMON Services

The TIMON services are structured in five key areas: driver assistance services, services for vulnerable road users (VRUs), multimodal dynamic commuter service, enhanced real time traffic API, and TIMON collaborative ecosystem.

This section provides more information about each of them.


Driver assistance services

This service will consist of real-time alerts (set of applications of C-ITS) that aim to increase safety and hazard warning. Typical scenarios would include the detection of bikes/motorcycles on highway or urban areas or the detection of pedestrians, especially in urban areas. Some urban city centre areas demand for special care, such as pedestrian, semi-pedestrian or school areas. Alerts will also be generated in situation where an emergency vehicle is approaching. Drivers will also be informed about roadwork on highways and the location of stationary vehicles.

Services for vulnerable road users (VRUs)

A communication bridge will be established between VRU and vehicles by means of the hybrid networks. Services developed for VRUs will focus on assisting riders of powered two-wheelers and cyclists. VRUs will have access a map depicting the current road traffic status and they will receive information on moving vehicles, vehicle collisions, as well as help in route re-planning for more efficient transport.

Multimodal dynamic commuter service

This service will be available on different mobile platforms and will support optimisation of citizen’s individual transport. It will compute and suggest the most optimised transport route that best fits the individual citizen’s needs and is calculated according to a user’s profile and agenda. The calculation will be executed based on real-time data.

Enhanced real time traffic API

An amount of services will be gathered in an API that can be used to improve functionalities of other smartphone applications focused on enhancing road transport efficiency, such as car sharing applications, ElectroMobility services. The application will be capable of providing highly accurate predictions on traffic congestion based on ITS and open data. This service is also intended for business-oriented applications, such as fleet management companies (logistics companies, postal services, etc.), requiring a reliable estimation of the time delay on the selected route.

TIMON collaborative ecosystem

The TIMON collaborative ecosystem will promote TIMON end users to share their experience on a social network based application. The TIMON collaborative ecosystem application will be supported by gamification techniques that will incentivise to share data. The incentivising approach will be closely assessed with public administration, in the TIMON project with JP LPT engaged partner.


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“The TIMON project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 636220”

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