Improving road safety by using recorded GPS-locations: the case of curves on the road

GeoX has produced a new video showing a possible application for the TIMON navigation system, i.e. guiding users in different road situations, and in particular when they are dangerous curves ahead.

With this exercise, GeoX showed what value could be obtained from the billions of GPS-locations recorded in navigation systems. By analysing how people are driving along the curves on the roads, the idea was to develop and integrate an alerting system that informs and warns the drivers about their (over)speed in the curve ahead.

First, the company has built an inventory of curves (categories defined by the radius and the length of the curves). Second, using the data recorded, GeoX has analysed and set up the relation between the basic road characteristics, the restrictions and the distribution of the traveling speeds. This analysis resulted in a look-up table (matrix) with recommended (or safe) speeds for each curve-type. Third, they have developed an on-the-fly curve recognition algorithm, which calculates the basic characteristics of the curves from navigation data, which was integrated into the navigation system. 

The real-life working demonstration with the “Dangerous curve alerting” feature can be found in the following clip.


“The TIMON project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 636220”

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