DEUSTO research: A Discrete Firefly Algorithm to Solve a Rich Vehicle Routing Problem Modelling a Newspaper Distribution System with Recycling Policy

Abstract - A real-world newspaper distribution problem with recycling policy is tackled in this work. In order to meet all the complex restrictions contained in such a problem, it has been modeled as a rich vehicle routing problem, which can be more specifically considered as an asymmetric and clustered vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and deliveries, variable costs and forbidden paths (AC-VRP-SPDVCFP). This is the first study of such a problem in the literature. For this reason, a benchmark composed by 15 instances has been also proposed. In the design of this benchmark, real geographical positions have been used, located in the province of Bizkaia, Spain. For the proper treatment of this AC-VRP-SPDVCFP, a discrete firefly algorithm (DFA) has been developed. This application is the first application of the firefly algorithm to any rich vehicle routing problem. To prove that the proposed DFA is a promising technique, its performance has been compared with two other well-known techniques: an evolutionary algorithm and an evolutionary simulated annealing. Our results have shown that the DFA has outperformed these two classic meta-heuristics. ↓ Download the Report here ↓

DEUSTO research: Comparative Study on Short-term Traffic Congestion Forecasting Using Hybrid Metaheuristics and Rule-based Methods

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Abstract - Traffic congestion is one of the main difficult issue for citizens in the field of road transport, and traffic congestion prediction is a fundamental issue in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs).


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The TIMON flyer aims to present the TIMON project is an easily understandable, yet comprehensive, way. The flyers will be used to promote the project at events in which the TIMON consortium participates or which the TIMON consortium organises.

TIMON Publishable Summary v1


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The TIMON publishable summary presents the accomplishments achieved throughout the first year of the project.

The TIMON project was launched in June 2015. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide services and applications to all transport ecosystem users that would help improve road transport safety, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency.

XLAB research: Experiences on Applications for Smart Cities and Future Society

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On 12th October 2015, TIMON project partner XLAB participated at the Information Society multi-conference (IS2015).

IS2015 is an international forum, where scientists, academics and professionals present their latest research findings in the various fields of information society. The multi-conference is held annually in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year it ran in parallel sessions with 300 presentations of scientific papers at twelve conferences, round tables, workshops and award ceremonies.

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“The TIMON project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 636220”

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