XLAB research: Experiences on Applications for Smart Cities and Future Society

On 12th October 2015, TIMON project partner XLAB participated at click the Information Society multi-conference (IS2015).

IS2015 is an international forum, where scientists, academics and professionals present their latest research findings in the various fields of information society. The multi-conference is held annually in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year it ran in parallel sessions with 300 presentations of scientific papers at twelve conferences, round tables, workshops and award ceremonies.

Within the multi-conference, a group of research institutions, public sector organisations, NGOs and partners from industry, called PaMetSkup, formed an open call for a workshop entitled Smart Cities and Communities as a Development Opportunity for Slovenia with a goal to identify the perspective technology areas and product directions of smart specialisation strategy. The aforementioned business and research initiative for Smart Cities and Communities (PaMetSkup) focuses on ensuring appropriate and open databases, supportive open technologies and ICT activities, efficient energy and utility supply, mobility and accessibility and promoting participatory activities to the public in the management of the public spaces.

In this workshop, XLAB presented their current achievements and directions in the fields of Smart Cities and Smart Society, including also the TIMON project. As the Intelligent transportation system (ITS) is one of the important pillars of future cities, the presentation was well accepted and reached potential users and exploitation partners of TIMON. The topic was even more interesting for the audience as the conference was in the city of Ljubljana, where one of TIMON’s test beds and pilots will be held

Further details about the Information Society multi-conference can be found on the conference home page here.

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