TIMON Publishable Summary v1

The TIMON publishable summary presents the accomplishments achieved throughout the first year of the project.

The TIMON project was launched in June 2015. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide services and applications to all transport ecosystem users that would help improve road transport safety, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency.

Throughout the summer of 2015 actively worked on defining end user needs and system requirements, which would later serve as the basis for all of the work done in the TIMON project. On the basis of the identified system requirements, the TIMON system architecture was developed. Work throughout the first year of TIMON has also been done on defining the open data sources necessary for TIMON and defining the ITS Standard Logical Data Model, which would define a general approach to data handling in complex systems like TIMON.

Now, entering its second year, TIMON project partners are busy developing the technologies behind the TIMON applications and services. A first step in this is a literature analysis to examine the state-of-the-art on traffic prediction, route planning, GNSS positioning, hybrid communications, and artificial intelligence techniques. TIMON project partners are also eagerly awaiting September 2016, when the first TIMON pilot phases will take place at the TASS Mobility Centre in Helmond, the Netherlands. TIMON is also preparing a Hackathon for the TIMON technologies, which is expected to take place either late in 2017 or early in 2018.


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