TIMON Project

TIMON (“Enhanced real time services for an optimised multimodal mobility relying on cooperative networks and open data”)

Who is TIMON?

Imagine going to an unknown city and taking the longest route to a destination you could have simply walked to. That’s where TIMON comes in to save the day. We make your travel plans simple and organized while also contributing to ecological balance.
About us

TIMON Collaborative Ecosystem

TIMON’s transportation ecosystem puts every piece of the puzzle together to get a complete picture of your journey.

TIMON Services

Intelligent Transport Systems And Road Safety

Know the best routes that you can access at the moment to ensure a safe and sound journey.

Driver Assistance Services

Integrate travel plans and maps on the go to get the right kind of assistance while you drive.

Enhanced Real Time Traffic API

See into the future and stay informed about traffic or other issues that you may encounter on your route.

Multimodal Dynamic Commuter Service

With us, you can find the optimal commuting strategy by combining different modes of transport.

Services For Vulnerable Road Users

Our fully organized services are a godsend for people with special needs. No more frenzy or dependency!

Components Of Intelligent Transport System

Take a look at the factors that make the transport system structured and intelligent.
Roads that support advanced networking and communication among the vehicles, signals, toll plazas, and check posts.

Intelligent Vehicles

Vehicles that support GPS, automated driving, safety sensors, and cameras to have a safe, informed, and planned travel.

Communication Infrastructure

An integrated system that raises alerts and SOS when required and supports the internet to gather relevant data.

Intelligent Geo-sensing

Geo-sensing enables smart vehicle tracking and monitoring systems to ensure vehicle and passenger safety.

Real Time Data Collection And Display

Whether users share or extract data, both happen in real time to ensure reliability, authenticity, and accuracy.

Standardisation By Regulatory Authority

The regulatory authority for transportation is instrumental in making the above possible and standardizing it.


See what our users have to say and then decide for yourself.
TIMON offers a one-of-a-kind service, making multimodal commutation a possibility. They have made travel safe, simple, and eco-friendly.
Jack Dixon
I recommended TIMON to a friend with special needs. TIMON has made him much more independent by coordinating his journey without hurdles.
Rebecca Marsden

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