Who is TIMON?

The TIMON consortium is formed by 11 organisations, formed by Universities, RTOs, SME and big industry from 8 different European countries (Spain, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Slovenia). TIMON initiative is led by the University of Deusto (Spain). Learn more about the consortium below.




DEUSTO will participate in TIMON through the DeustoTech Mobility Unit. The activity of the unit is focused on the research of ICT technologies for the application in transport, mobility and logistics sectors, contributing to the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) which are capable of improving the mobility of people and goods, making it more sustainable, smart and comfortable, using the latest technologies in the field of Advanced Communications Systems and Artificial Intelligent algorithms, cooperative networks (V2V, V2I, V2X), implementation of multimodal route planners, goods tracking and enhanced logistics platforms. Besides, on the recent years many advances has been done on the research of seamless positioning and activity monitoring of people with MEMs, getting promising results. Among the techniques that have been researched on, are Kalman filters and Bayesian techniques.

Role in the project

DEUSTO is the project coordinator and will contribute to the development of the artificial intelligence techniques and the modelling/prediction methods needed to obtain high accuracy algorithms for traffic congestion prediction, traffic flow estimation, route optimisation and determination of levels of risk in the cases of use of study. DEUSTO will also carry out dissemination activities and foster exploitation discussions and agreements.

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ISKRA is a developer and provider of process automation, communications and security systems for power distribution, telecommunications, and railway and road traffic. Its Traffic Division offers contemporary technological solutions in road traffic automation and security. The ISKRA integrated traffic systems and electronic security systems are distinguished by their high degree of reliability, capacity, efficiency, adaptability, accuracy and connectivity, thus ensuring the lowest possible number of false alarms.

Role in the project

ISKRA is the Technical Coordinator of the TIMON project. It will also contribute to the development of the open platform and services, as well as their validation through the pilot implementation in Ljubljana.

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FRAUNHOFER contributes to the implementation and effective management of networked embedded systems. In the automobile and transportation segment, it examines underlying communication technologies and software architectures for in-vehicle networking and vehicle-to-environment (V2x) infrastructures, in addition to researching methods for the development of flexible and reliable software systems, particularly embedded automotive systems.

Role in the project

FRAUNHOFER will lead Work Package 5, which focuses on developing, proving and evaluating an ITS-G5/LTE hybrid communication system solution. They will also participate in defining the system requisites and in the deployment of hybrid communication systems. FRAUNHOFER will also help disseminate the results of TIMON in the academic world through participation in congresses, lectures, articles, etc.

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The Statistical Inference for Communications and Positioning Department (CTTC) focuses on the application of the most recent statistical tools and digital signal processing advances in the fields of Communications and Positioning systems. CTTC has a strong background and expertise in GNSS receivers, signal processing for navigation systems, localization and tracking algorithms, cooperative, distributed data fusion and advanced signal processing algorithms, digital communications, network coding, iterative information processing, etc.

Role in the project

CTTC will work in the analysis of positioning solutions based on GNSS technology in the framework of the scenarios considered and the identification of enhancements where standalone GNSS does not provide the desired performance. CTTC will contribute to the research activities enabling positioning in challenging scenarios where GNSS is partially or totally obstructed, by investigating CP solutions exploiting communications links among the devices of the vehicular scenario.

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INTECS focuses on design and production of SW/HW electronic components, Software engineering and Quality. INTECS mainly operates in Space, Transport and Defence domains developing an outstanding experience and knowledge in many areas including Smart City/Intelligent Transport Systems, Automotive Real Time Software Systems, Safety Critical Embedded systems, Assessment of Safety related Software Development, etc.

Role in the project

INTECS will bring its “Automotive and Smart System” expertise in the area of ITS, Automotive and Internet of Things‖, fostering the definition of interoperable ITS capable of improving quality and reliability of info-mobility data. It will provide a data distribution architecture to facilitate "real‐time local" information to a higher level of intelligence / data-integration.

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The Sensible Code Company is a software developer specialised in developing tools that help to collect and publish data. They are experts at extracting value from external data, and combining it with internal data assets. The Sensible Code Company has a worldwide community of data scientists to help with data projects in multiple languages and multiple territories.

Role in the project

Given its experience of exporting collected data in a common format means, The Sensible Code Company will lead the harmonisation of open data related to transport, especially to different services of public transport, and collected to deliver real time information within the system.

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GEOX is one of the leading GIS companies in Hungary and beyond. Established in 1998, GEOX has created and developed digital raster and vector maps, GIS applications, carried out business GIS analysis, geomarketing applications and provides GIS consultancy. In general the company provides IT solutions with special consideration to the geoinformatics and spatial databases. Its main scope of activity are spatial modelling, spatial database design and management, and customized map-application development.

Role in the project

Due to GEOX expertise in the development of dynamic maps technologies and mobile applications, GEOX will be mainly involved in the software and services development process of TIMON. It will also take part in the development of end user map - and navigation applications and APIs as well as in the development of services providing dynamic maps based on data gathered in the system.

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The research done at XLAB has been recognized as one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. XLAB has a vast contact base and access to more than 100 experts in the fields of computer science, electronics and mathematics, design and marketing. Current areas of research include cloud computing, distributed systems security, Security SLAs and HPC-related approaches. XLAB closely follows and researches the Internet of Things paradigm, especially in SmartGrids and connected analytics.

Role in the project

XLAB will be in charge of making possible different data exchange between the different agents involved. XLAB will focus on open data from multimodal transport. XLAB will put at the project‘s disposal all of its experience in software development (design, development and evaluation) and its infrastructure.

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Company JP LPT is fully owned by the Municipality of Ljubljana. JP LPT controls and manages urban mobility in the city of Ljubljana. JP LPT is also involved in managing automobile fairgrounds, safe driving centre, and management of two leased parking facilities.

Role in the project

The role of JP LPT in TIMON is related to the services and platform requirements’ definition and their validation in Ljubljana through the pilot deployment. It will be in charge of the engagement of end-users of the proposed services along the project, as well as of providing the collaboration of LPP, the public transportation company.

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CORTE is an international organisation bringing together 55 national transport authorities from European and non-EU countries, 12 road transport associations and 18 road transport companies. It organises its activities under the three pillars of road transport, road security and road safety. It aims to encourage, promote, and assist the development and implementation of policies for road transport, road safety and road security in Europe and at international level.

Role in the project

CORTE will define the TIMON dissemination activities and business plan. CORTE will use its expertise and extensive network to involve end users in the project for the definition of user needs and requirements and to help disseminate the results of TIMON. TIMON developments and results will be communicated, validated and tested against CORTE members, i.e. road transport national authorities, road transport associations (some representing thousands of road transport companies) and transport companies.

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TASS is a consolidation of 5 automotive divisions - Software and Services, Homologations, Safety Center, Powertrain Center and Mobility Center – resulting in a single business entity that supports the transport industry in developing safety systems that lead to smarter, safer and greener vehicles. TASS operates the DITCM test site, which is a purpose-built facility for the development, testing and validation of ITS and cooperative technologies.

Role in the project

TASS will offer their extensive expertise, knowledge and experience about testing and validating connected mobility services and in the test-bed DITCM Facilities in Helmond (Netherlands) for proof-of-concept demonstrating the services of TIMON

after which the services will be further deployed in other countries. These activities willbe executed on the DITCM test site.

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News & Events

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